Saadiyat public beach

A hotspot for hipsters is what best describes Saadiyat public beach in Abu Dhabi. The crowd here is young, beautiful and mostly western oriented. Saadiyat public beach is situated on the scenic and very green Saadiyat island and is the only “public” beach in this very popular area. The rest of the coastal line of the island is only available for hotel visitors of the luxurious St. Regis Saadiyat island resort or the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi hotel.
Although the beach is referred to as a ‘public’ beach, this does not mean that access is free. In fact Saadiyat beach is operated by a company called ‘BAKE’ which employs staff to clean the beach, operate the small store and eateries and rent out the sun-beds and umbrella’s.
General admission (without use of sun-beds and umbrella) will cost you 25 AED per person. However bringing your own sun-beds or shade is not allowed. If you would like to make use of a sun-bed and umbrella this will cost you 75 AED per person. Since the UAE sun can be extremely hot during midday most visitors choose for the option that at least offers some shade.
So why visit? Saadiyat public beach is simply beautiful. A white sandy beach, a clear blue ocean with some nice waves to practice your surfing or body boarding skills surrounded by a dune landscape that is exceptionally green for the UAE. Hard to resist right?

The beach is really clean and facilities such as showers, locker rooms and changing rooms are present and well maintained. We would advise you to come early as to get the best ‘value for money’ for your sun-bed rental.

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