Mussels and oysters at the Zeeuws-Flemish coast

Cocktails and mussels


Bookworms might recognize the names of some of the small towns and natural reserves situated near the Zeeuws-Flemish coast. The town of Retranchement and the natural reserve Zwin are both frequently mentioned in Herman Koch’s book: Dear Mr. M.

The book tells the tale of the disappearance of a teacher near the Zwin reserve. It relates of dark winter nights, cold, snow and icy wind. All told from the disturbing perspective of someone who’s intentions are dubious and unclear. And we believe the writer. During wintertime this landscape will be unforgiving: a wild grey sea, cruel wind and barren soil. Yet, in summertime that changes. The fields are filled with crops, birds start to sing and the beaches look inviting. Beach pavilions open their doors and farmers sell their local produce in the courtyard.

Suddenly the land blossoms. Not with a bright color palette but with grey’s, greens, blues and a touch of yellow. Cows graze in the meadows adding a touch of black and white.

Mussels, oyster and lobster 

West-Zeeuws Vlaanderen has longstanding culinary traditions. It should come as no surprise that restaurants in Sluis, Breskens and Cadzand specialize in local sea fruits. Mussels, oysters and lobster can be found on every restaurants menu. Most Zeeuwse mussels come straight out of the Oosterschelde. Prepared in locally brewed beer they make a fine meal. And guess what? If you simply can not get enough.. Most restaurants offer all-you-can-eat deals.

Still not had enough of fish and want to try something different? Try the Dutch salt herring in summertime as a light snack. You can find them at local stands or shops selling fish.


Cadzand is situated in West Zeeuws Vlaanderen, near the coast and is part of the municipality of Sluis . Situated in a far corner of the Netherlands but nearby Belgium mundane coastal town of Knokke and the lively city of Brugge. The towns of Cadzand and Cadzand-bad are picturesque but quiet. The people that visit the area are looking for that exactly: nature, non-crowded beaches and relaxation. It comes as no surprise that most visitors are families or elderly couples. Enjoying themselves on the beach or biking from town to town. Big hotels are an exception but several campsites and bungalow parks are situated in the area. Our favorites are:

Sleeping on the beach at Camping Groede

An ocean view from your living room and sand between your toes the moment you step outside of the house. These holiday cottages are not situated nearby the beach but ON the beach. Rental is up to 6 persons per house and book well in advance.

Noordzee Résidence Cadzand-Bad

One of the bigger holiday parks near the Zeeuwse coast, yet tranquil. Luxury villas and large private gardens create the ‘perfect village’. Even when fully booked this holiday park appears peaceful. The villa’s are equipped with sauna’s, multiple bathrooms and convenient kitchens. For the little ones the park boosts several playgrounds, trampolines a swimming pool and a mini disco every evening. Should you want to socialize you can but if not your privacy is well kept at this park.


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