Massa Marritima

Just the drive here is worth the visit to this town. Driving trough the changing fields filled with sunflowers, woodland and hills marked by cypresses definitely makes you want to stop loads of times to take a few photo’s or just take in the scenery! Massa Marittima is, as most towns in the region, also built on a hillside offering spectacular views of its surroundings. There are serious rumors that Massa Marittima might have been the birthplace of the fourth century Roman emperor Constantius Gallus but this cannot be one-hundred percent confirmed.
The town is built around a central square where you can find a Romanesque-Pisane style church a few small restaurants and tiny shops. The town was constructed in the middle ages and consists of a labyrinth of narrow streets and narrow steps. As the climb up is quite steep we would recommend you to wear comfortable shoes.

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