Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili

The unique style of the paintings of Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili makes it easy to identify his work. Long, peculiar caricature shaped heads, large longing eyes and high cheekbones characterize the people depicted in his paintings. His art cannot possibly be called realistic yet while looking at his work, it is as if you do know the people in it. As if you do know the vain actresses and courtesans or the men sharing a pipe as you can read their personalities from their face. Warm and loving, vain or judging and condescending.
Lado Gudiashvili has very lovingly and honestly portrayed Georgian life and people the way he saw it. Sometimes beautiful and generous, sometimes miserable or small-minded. It is rare to find a painter that touches the soul and makes you laugh at the same time. Master Gudiashvili succeeded in doing just that!

A short biography

Lado Gudiashvili was born in Tbilisi (then called Tiflis) on March 18th of 1896. He studied painting and sculpture in both Tbilisi and Paris. Besides being a painter he also worked as a teacher at the Tbilisi academy of fine arts, as an illustrator of books and as a monumentalist. He died in 1980 in Tbilisi. His work can be found in the National art gallery and in the art museum of Georgia in Tbilisi.

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