Have you ever stayed in a Moroccan Riad, enjoyed the lavish lifestyle in urban hubs such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi or visited the ancient city of Petra in Jordan? As you travel through the Middle East you will discover that the lands of the stories of 1001 nights have modernized and yet have remained true to ancient traditions such as hospitality and dress.

The Middle East has been the home of some of the world’s oldest civilizations such as ancient Egypt and the Assyrian empire. Remains such as the pyramids and mummies in Egypt and the threatened ancient cities of Nineveh and Nimrud in northern Iraq are vivid reminders of past splendor. Arabs were also known for their tradesmen and seafarer skills, sailing to the Indian, African and European shores to buy and sell goods.

Because of turmoil in some Arab countries it is currently not advisable to visit Yemen, Iraq and Syria. However, don’t let this discourage you from travelling to any of the other Middle Eastern countries. In fact, it is less likely for you to get mugged in an Arab country than in most other countries in the world.