Five reasons why you SHOULD travel with small children

  Land of great writers such as James Joyce and road crossing signs for dwarfs and fairies. The land of bookstores in every shopping street and a pub on every corner (sometimes even two!?). A country where most people play an instrument and literally everyone can sing, and continues to sing even if the lights go out. Yeah, we are going to Ireland! Lucky clovers, Irish Guinness, ancient castles and

Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili

The unique style of the paintings of Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili makes it easy to identify his work. Long, peculiar caricature shaped heads, large longing eyes and high cheekbones characterize the people depicted in his paintings. His art cannot possibly be called realistic yet while looking at his work, it is as if you do know the people in it. As if you do know the vain actresses and courtesans

Travelling with toddlers

The idea of travelling with small children can be scary. Screaming little ones in an airplane, carsick toddlers throwing up all-over the backseat of your rental car or children that refuse to eat any of the ‘local cuisine’ can drive any parent half mad. However, should we then just give up on travel all together once we become parents? No, of course not! We just have to adapt our trips

The Last Exit - Dubai

Whoever came up with the concept of The Last Exit was either a visionary, a very hungry person driving up and down from Dubai to Abu Dhabi every day or a person owning a large foodtruck not knowing what to do with it. Whoever it was and whatever his or her motivation might have been: thank you! Thank you for turning a stretch of desert somewhere between Abu Dhabi and

The Ripe market

The Ripe markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are an initiative of Ripe, an United Arab Emirates based organic store. The market stands containing organic veggies, hamburgers, all kinds of sweets and drinks but also handmade crafts are set up on different days of the week in three different beautiful green areas in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi.Why visit? The Ripe market is a relaxed and very family friendly