Stories about this island in the Ionian sea can be found as early as in ancient Greek myths. According to the tales the goddess Artemis used to hunt in the green woodlands of Zakynthos while her brother Apollo used to play music here. We are definitely not surprised that these ancient Greek gods chose Zakynthos as their favourite hangout spot though. If we were in their position we would do

Venetian castle

If you are in need of some history head off to the Venetian castle in the Bohali area of Zakynthos. The castle is build on a hill overlooking Zante town and the ocean. The castle was originally built around 1480 on the site of the original Akropolis. Over the years the castle has been destroyed by Turks and earthquakes and rebuilt by the Venetians and locals many times over again.

Turtle watching / Turtle information centre

Zakynthos islans is the nesting ground to the endangered Carreta Carreta turtle. If you want to know more about these beautiful animals you can visit the Thematic Exhibition Centre, also called the Turtle information centre, near Dafni beach. The centre is usually pretty quiet and a friendly biologist is available to answer all the questions you might have regarding the Carreta Carreta turtle and to give you a small tour.

Rent a boat - Zakynthos

In the southern bay near Laganas and the northern area near Agios Niklaos it is possible to rent a motorboat for a couple of hours or a day. A perfect way  to discover a few small islands near the coast, navigate towards  secluded beaches for sunbathing and the occasional daydreaming about having your own private island. Steering a motorboat is not as complicated as it might seem at first however

Shipwreck cove

In 1980 a suspected smugglers boat hit rocks in bad weather while most likely being pursued by the Greek navy. The boat washed ashore onto a secluded beach area that is only accessible by boat. The story is that none of the crew members got seriously hurt but that their cargo, containing contraband cigarettes, washed ashore on other beaches of the island. To this day the ship has remained on

Gerakas beach

Gerakas beach is a nesting ground for the famous Caretta turtle and is located in the National Marine Park. Sun-beds are placed close to the water and removed every evening in an attempt not to disturb the nesting turtles. Gerakas beach is a beautiful sandy beach with impressive clear blue water. If you plan to spend the day here we would advise you to bring your own drinks and food

Banana beach

Easy to reach and usually very crowded, however still beautiful. Banana beach is situated near most of the hotels so it is not too expensive to take a taxi here. The beach earns its name by its peculiar shape.

Dafni beach

On this secluded beach it is not allowed to practice any water sports due to its protected nature. At certain times a year the Caretta sea turtle comes to to shore at Dafni beach to lay its eggs in the sand of the beach. These sea turtles are a protected species and nature conservation organizations mark the places where they suspect there are any eggs. The top part of the

Stenitis beach

Near the village of Maries in a small secluded bay lies the beach of Stenitis. The water is clear, there are virtually no other tourists and this is the perfect place to haggle with a local fisherman to take you with him on a small excursion , as some small boats take dock here. If you like to go snorkeling this is also a nice beach to see many fish.