Exhibition Stalin museum

Little known to the public is the fact that Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet union from the 1920s until 1953, was born in Gori in Georgia. In fact, the name he received at birth, Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili, has little similarity to the name people use to refer to him and to his regime. Stalin means ‘man of steel’ in Russian and the name was given to him

Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili

The unique style of the paintings of Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili makes it easy to identify his work. Long, peculiar caricature shaped heads, large longing eyes and high cheekbones characterize the people depicted in his paintings. His art cannot possibly be called realistic yet while looking at his work, it is as if you do know the people in it. As if you do know the vain actresses and courtesans

Tbilisi, a hidden gem in Georgia

When I was little I once had a dream about going to Tbilisi, a city I only knew vaguely from geography class to be the capital of Georgia. I remember waking up thinking sarcastically ‘yeah, like I would ever want to travel there’. And that was the last of it. I never gave Tbilisi a second thought. To be quite honest I think that is the case for most of

Restaurants in Gudauri

Val Thorens, Aspen, Lillehammer and Gudauri all have in common.. Yup, you said it! All four of them are great winter sports locations. The difference being that Gudauri is the least well known of the four. Totally undeserved though if you ask us. Gudauri is a young and upcoming winter sport destination and resort in the Kazbegi region of Georgia. The mountainous area is also referred to as the greater