Vietnamese farmer with bull

As we enter highway 20, part of the famous Ho Chi Minh trail, in Phong Nha Ké national park thousands of colorful butterflies swarm around us.  Butterflies in Vietnam are often seen as spirits of the deceased. And indeed many Vietnamese have died maintaining the trail and defending this area against the U.S. armed forces in the Vietnamese war. Peaceful as the national park appears, only one generation ago the

Dalat: colonial France in Vietnam

After a long bus ride from Vietnamese beach/party destination Mui Né we arrive in Dalat. Since along the way the driver picked up some of his friends he has to drop them off again at different locations in town. Then the bus, only containing tourists now, suddenly halts at what seems to be a dead-end street. The driver yells: ‘last stop’ and a strange Vietnamese man enters the bus… I