About Tales of Travel

I walked out of the airport doors  after a long flight with a three month old. Although it was near midnight there were lights and people everywhere: the city seemed to be very much awake and buzzing with anticipation. As we approached a taxi a man appeared who looked at my little one and yelled: WELCOME TO DUBAI BABY! We took a ‘ family taxi’ with a female driver to our hotel. While in the car we drove passed the illuminated high-rises of the city, the buildings looking familiar yet the sheer amount of towers and cars on the road to be completely overwhelming. My baby girl looked up to me and softly I whispered to her: WELCOME HOME.

This was our first visit ever to the United Arab Emirates yet it was going to be a long one as we were moving here for an undefined period of time. To make our move abroad even more adventurous was the fact that we weren’t moving to Dubai, where one can easily pretend not to live in the Middle East. We were moving to Fujairah (say what?), an emirate only known to few. However travelling (and living) off the beaten tracks is something me and my growing family love to do most. Although I have to admit that we are also perfectly happy enjoying the beach, a few walks through a picturesque small town and munching on delicious food all day.

So why Tales of Travel? I started Tales of Travel because of the lack of travel websites which focus both on the more remote, mainstream, family AND hipster destinations.  And maybe you would like to share your ‘tales of travel’ with me too?


Tanja (founder of Tales of Travel)